End-to-End Solutions For Healthcare

ThinkQwest 360

Lowering Infrastructure Costs, Increasing Cash Flow, Increasing Earning Potential, Lowering costs with Time Saving Solutions

RCM Automation to Increase Cash Flow

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

To Increase Earning Potential

CCM, RPM, Telehealth, Wellness Visits

Lower Operating Costs

MSP Services and Cloud Services for IT Infrastructure

Time and Labor Savings

HIPAA Compliance Services and Provider Enrollment and Credentialling.

Productivity enhancers

Auto Calling Solutions for IVR

Productivity Enhancers: IVR based claims status check without Human Intervention

Benefits: Reduction of human labor cost

Machine Learning Tableau

Business Analytics Dashboard

Machine Learning & Tableau Dashboards: Insightful Project Performance dashboards
Benefits: Improved Predictability of denial trends and cash flow, reduction in claims Write-off with no follow-up


Pre-billing, pre-auth, payment posting

Bots: Auto Payment Posting of manual EOBs and ERAs, all Pre-Billing scopes including Prior Authorization
Benefits: Reduction in Direct and In-direct cost of human labor, Improved Cash-Flow


Coding Solutions

NLP: Auto Prediction of CPT and ICDs
Benefits: Reduction of human labor cost

About us

ThinkQwest Technologies Provide Industry Best in Class Solutions and Services to Support the Healthcare Ecosystem.

Our Solutions and Services Deliver Operational Results that Drive Cost Savings “up” and Optimize Revenue for Hospitals and Physician Groups.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Clean claim submission – 97%
  • Payment posting and transmission – within 24hrs TAT (Turn Around Time)
  • 90+ days AR – Less than 20%
  • 120+ days AR – Less than 10%
  • Denials – Less than 8%
  • Cash Goals – 95% and above
  • TFL (Timely Filing Limit) – Zero Claims
  • Days in AR – Less than 38 days
  • Gross Collection Rate – 55% and above


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