Charge entry is the process of assigning to the patient account an appropriate dollar value as per the chosen medical codes and corresponding fee schedule. The reimbursements for the services provided by the healthcare provider is dependent on the charges entered for medical services performed. This must be completed without any errors, as it may increase claim denials. Failure to effectively document care information can often lead to revenue leakage – amounting to millions of dollars of lost revenue. While deploying effective charge capture, workflow solutions can help reduce instances of lost revenue. Also, effective collaboration between coding and charge entry teams leads to a sustainable improvement in the overall process.

Our charge entry process includes:

  • Receipt of documents in the form of superbills, charge tickets, source documents, etc. through FTP or document management system or client’s system.
  • Capture the date of service, billing provider, referring provider, POS, admission date, CPT/procedure codes, ICD-10, number of units, and modifiers.
  • Workflow automation to provide daily reporting to the customers and facilitate collaboration to ensure compliance to timely filing norms.
  • Import charges directly from the EMR. These charges are reviewed for accuracy before being sent for billing.
  • Review of any pending or held documents with the client daily to reduce any backlog.

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