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ThinkQwest’s solutions and services help healthcare providers, payers, and related service providers to transform their revenue cycle management with a proven methodology, operational excellence, and advanced technology to elevate your revenue cycle to the next level.

RCM Services

Deliver operational results that drive cost savings and optimize revenue for hospitals and physician groups.

Compliance Services

We provide expert analysis and risk mitigation through HIPAA assessments and corrective action plans.

Healthcare Products

Scan for temperature, mask presence, and facial recognition. A Qualcomm-based device made in USA.

Managed IT Services

Enable integration, improved productivity, and lower costs with cloud solutions and our Managed IT services.

Transform Your Revenue Cycle Management

ThinkQwest provides a broad range of RCM services to cater to the needs of the healthcare industry. We bring excellence to your healthcare RCM while you focus on creating better patient experiences.

Whether you’re a medical billing company or healthcare system or a dental services provider, ThinkQwest can transform your revenue cycle management with proven methodology, operational excellence, and advanced technology to elevate your revenue cycle to the next level.

  • Scheduling
  • Eligibility verification
  • Prior authorization services
  • Patient demographics entry
  • Inpatient, Outpatient, ED Coding
  • Coding Audit
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Charge Entry and Audit
  • Claims Submission and Work Edits
  • Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Credit Balance Resolution

RCM Services - Value Proposition

  • Clean claim submission – 97%
  • Payment posting and transmission – within 24hrs TAT (Turn Around Time)
  • 90+ days AR – Less than 20%
  • 120+ days AR – Less than 10%
  • Denials – Less than 8%
  • Cash Goals – 95% and above
  • TFL (Timely Filing Limit) – Zero Claims
  • Days in AR – Less than 38 days
  • Gross Collection Rate – 55% and above

HIPAA Compliance Services

Full HIPAA Assessment of all 83 controls covering:

  • Admin safeguards
  • Technical safeguards
  • Physical safeguards
  • Organizational requirements
  • Documentation requirements
  • Full network vulnerability scan of all connected devices and network diagram report

Healthcare Products

Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner

Introducing OneScreen GoSafe, a Qualcomm-based device. Scan for temperature, mask presence, and facial recognition.

Why GoSafe?

  • Securely scan in less than one second with onboard AI
  • The only scanner with live video assistance for real-time entry approval
  • Provides access control integration for automatic doors
  • Centralized management for multiple scanners, data, and attendance


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